ADlocity is Your Easier, Faster Way

to Advertise Effectively Online

We save you the cost & hassle of experimenting with self-advertising on your own on Google.

We'll use successful Ads & proven Keywords that we know work for your type of business.  You are welcome to change or add your own as well.  

You get:

  • 1st Page Sponsored Ads on Google
  • Placement on Google in 24-Hours
  • Flat Fee starting at $50/Monthly
  • Exclusive Local Territory with Us
  • Proven Ads & Keywords that Work for Businesses Like Yours in other Exclusive Territories
  • No Pay-Per-Click Charges
  • No Contract, Cancel Anytime
  • No Website Required (?)

Take immediate advantage of our success in advertising your type of business with professionals like you in other exclusive cities. 

ADlocity clients enjoy successful, proven ads & strategies shared by local business owners and professionals in over 14,000 cities and 3000 counties in the United States. 

For example, we represent 165 Brokers nationwide in distinct territories.  What is successful in one territory can be applied to the other 164 territories instantly.  This results in efficient & effective spending of your ad dollars.

All our clients run local businesses in separate territories.  Only one type of business can enjoy an exclusive territory with ADlocity.  We will not serve your local competition.

What we have to offer you:

  • The experience to spend your advertising dollars well.
  • Immediate access to a proven, cost-effective online advertising program.
  • Elimination of the hassle & learning curve required to self-administer your own advertising program.

The problems we solve for you:

  • Most professionals that self-advertise online have no clue how to do it efficiently, competitively or cost-effectively.
  • Advertising sites have a financial incentive to be vague with you about cost-control, distribution, and click fraud.
  • Most self-advertisers give up within 4 months after wasting thousands of dollars.
  • Most self-advertisers spend 3x times more than our clients with fewer results.
  • Most self-advertisers waste 65% of their budget on:
    • Fraudulent clicks.
    • Inefficient keywords that are too broad and too loosely targeted.
    • Clicks out of their local area.

With ADlocity, you are not alone.
ADlocity places ads for local business owners and professionals in over 14,000 cities and 3000 counties in the United States.  When you begin with ADlocity, you instantly gain all the knowledge we have about advertising your type of business.  We've done it before!

Fast Setup
Within 24 hours, we’ll place you into one of our proven advertising campaigns in your local area for your type of business. Plus, we represent only you (and not your competition) in your area.

We work with the best and biggest.
ADlocity places ads for you on Google. 

Our experience saves you money and time.
ADlocity saves you the cost and hassle of experimenting with self-advertising on your own.  We offer you an affordable, easy entrance into effective online advertising.  We know what keywords and ads work.  We also know what doesn't work - and that saves money.

Our Competitive Edge
Any ad company you hire might eventually produce results over time. Chances are, they have not worked specifically with your type of business. They will be using your money to experiment through what we've already learned.  We've already served your type of business.

Locally focused advertising makes the internet practical for local businesses.
Surprising as it may seem, most online advertisers do not know how to advertise you locally in just your city.  They'll expose you to people that could never use your business.  We know how to place ads that draw local customers from a world-wide web.

Shared Leverage means less cost and better advertising
We serve similar local businesses across the US.  If an ad campaign worked for another business or professional just like you in another city, it will work for you in your city.  If we learn something new tomorrow that worked well in another city, we can apply it to your ad campaign. 

Monthly flat fee / Cancel anytime
The monthly fee you pay us will be less than if you advertise on your own. Fees are based on the areas you choose to cover.  Our no-contract, monthly service allows you to cancel anytime. 

No website required
If you have a website, that's great.  We'll send people to it.  If you don't, that's OK, too.  We'll create a landing page that we'll send your customers to.  From the landing page, they can call you or email you.


Businesses we serve:
Office Furniture
Insurance Agents
Interior Designers/Decorators
Real Estate - Appraisal
Wedding Planners
Smoking Cessation
Bed & Breakfasts
Health & Beauty
Beauty Salon
Fitness Club
Personal Trainer
Chinese Restaurants
French Restaurants
Greek Restaurants
Indian Restaurants
Italian Restaurants
Japanese Restaurants
Mexican Restaurants
Pizza Restaurants
Seafood Restaurants
Steak Restaurants
Carpet Contractors/Retailers
Countertop Contractors
Duct Cleaners
Fencing Contractors
Heating & Cooling Contractors
Home Security Contractors
Kitchen Cabinet Contractors
Landscaping Contractors
Painting Contractors
Paving Contractors
Roofing Contractors - Commercial
Roofing Contractors - Residential
Siding Contractors
Tile Contractors
Window & Door Contractors
Wood Floor Contractors

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